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Matt French

Chrissie French


Matt & Chrissie brought it together when they married on the 1 January 2000. Since that time they have purchased the property "Chansit" which is situated at Nimmitabel, where they are currently running both sheep and cattle as well as horses of course. They have both spent many long hours in the saddle at times employed as contract drovers, contract musterers and horse breakers. They also use horses for all their mustering requirements on their own property.

The last time out droving was as a family with their two small children. This lasted for twenty two months in which time they walked the cattle (owned by Hannaford Pastoral Company at Braidwood) over appox 5500 kms. The cattle were unloaded at Boorowa and walked to Young, Cowra, Harden, Gundagai, Tumut, through the Kosciusko National Park, Yaouk, Adaminaby, Cooma, Bombala, Delegate, Cathcart, Ando, Berridale, Adaminaby, Yaouk and walked back through the Kosciusko National Park to Young and eventually trucked back home to Braidwood from Boorowa.

Droving has proved to be a large part of our lives and it has been where our horses start their education. Whilst droving our horses are put in all kinds of different situations, which in turn forms great groundwork for our horses to go on in all equestrian sports.

Both Matt & Chrissie have a life long passion for horses and take a special interest in the Australian Stock Horse. They have used horses for both work and pleasure and have never found a horse more versatile. Their main hobby is Campdrafting and they have over the years been building up both Mares and Sires for their own stud, "Chansit Aust Stock Horses"

When Matt & Chrissie are not in the saddle the are busy chasing and studying horse breeds. They have some new and exciting changes coming up for Chansit. Over the last few years Chansit has introduced many new Sires and Mares to their Stud. As you all would be aware, it takes years to build a Stud with both breed and performance.

Here at Chansit it has been a lifetime dream to be in a position to have enough well bred and well preformed horses to start selling on a yearly basis. We are happy to announce that our stock numbers are slowly getting there. We are now joining approx 10 to 15 Mares a year.

The Mares we are breeding from come with a lot of depth in their breeding and nearly all come with a large list of performance history. The Stallions we are using are both outside ASH Stallions as well as the Stallions we stand here at Chansit. Like the Mares the Stallions all come with breed and plenty of performance history that stems back numerous generations.

Over the next few breeding seasons stayed tuned as we introduce our new Sires. This year we are excited to introduce our new edition Glen Lee Jupiter (Barona Hornet/Ophir Juliette) you can see more information about him on our stallion page.

We are extremely proud of how are horses are preforming and excited about what the future holds with our different crosses coming through, both on a performance and breeding prospective.

Chrissie was born in Bega NSW and spent all of her life on the land. Firstly at Candelo on the family dairy then moving to Nimmitabel in the Snowy Mountains on a sheep and cattle property.

Chrissie's family on both sides where involved with horses for their livelihood. Horses on the Hart side were used for all farming requirements, breeding and riding. Eric Hart (Chrissie's Grandfather) was one of the last South Coast farmers to use Draft Horses for all farming aspects such as ploughing etc.

All six generations in the Smith family (Chrissie's mothers side) were well known horsemen in various disciplines. Great Grandfather, Grandfather and several uncles were well known reinsmen in the pacing industry and Chrissie's cousins are still involved in racing, breeding, breaking in and training today.

Chrissies father Mick Hart worked on track as a farrier for all of her childhood years and has used horses daily on the land. Both her parents have been breeding Australia Stock Horses for years and both still compete in Campdrafting today.

Chrissie has been around horses all of her life, she started pony club when she was 3 yrs old and went through all the stages. Chrissie has competed successfully at state level for Campdrafting, Showjumping, Sporting and Dressage. Chrissie has been handling, breaking-in and educating horses for over 17 years.

Some of Chrissie's achievements include:

SCA Overall Runner-Up Champion Lady Rider of the Year 20023rd SCA Overall Champion Lady Rider of the Year 2004/2005 5th SCA Overall Champion Lady Rider of the Year 2009/2010. (Only got to 5 SCA Drafts)4th Champion All Round Open Rider SCA Far South Coast / Southern Tablelands 2009/2010SCA Overall Champion Lady Rider of the Year Far South Coast/ Southern Tablelands 2009/2010SCA Champion Lady Rider of the Year Far South Coast/ Southern Tablelands on 4 other occasions, Runner-up TwiceSCA Riverina Champion Lady Rider of the Year 2002 and Runner-upWinning the Championship Open Campdraft - Canberra Royal Show 2009 2nd in Ladies Campdraft at Warwick Gold Cup 2002 Gundagai Giddyup 2009 - Open Stockman's Challenge Highest Scored Lady Rider, 5th OverallOverall Champion Lady Rider - 2003 Tumut Horsemanship Challenge .Competing and placing in Showjumping and the Equitana at Sydney Royal Show.

Matt was born in Tumut (NSW) and grew up on his family property Fieldon Brungle. The property is situated half way between Tumut and Gundagai in Southern NSW. The French family have been on the land at Fieldon Brungle for six generations, during this time each generation has ridden, bred and broken-in their own horses.

Like a lot of rural families, horses have been the French families lifelong passion. Matt was brought up in a droving background. Droving was at all times Tom French's (Matts father) livelihood. Over the years Matt and his sister Heather brothers Archie, Jade and Pat have all done their fair share of droving, either sheep or cattle along the never ending stock routes throughout New South Wales.

Having been brought up in the saddle, horse's are just a way and part of life for Matt. He has been breaking-in and educating horses for over 20 years. During this time he has progressed within the horse sector competing in Campdrafting, Polocrosse and Horsemanship Challenges. He has also followed his ancestors, and his father (Tom French) footsteps in breeding horses and takes a special interest in the Australian Stock Horse.

Matt has been very successful over the years and some of his achievements include:

1989/90 SCA Runner-up Champion Under 21 Rider of the Year1990/91 SCA Champion Under 21 Rider of the Year 1990/91 Champion Novice Rider of the Year Gippsland Branch1990/91 4th SCA Overall Champion All Round Open Rider of the Year1991/92 SCA Runner-up Overall Champion All Round Open Rider1991/92 Runner-up Champion All Round Open Rider - Far Sth Coast / Southern Table Lands1991/92 Runner-up Champion All Round Open Rider - Riverina Zone1992/93 3rd SCA Overall Champion All Round Open Rider of the Year2004/05 Runner-up Champion All Round Open Rider of the Year - Far Sth Coast/Southern Table Lands2004/05 6th SCA Overall Champion All Round Open Rider of the Year 2005/06 Champion All Round Open Rider of the Year - Far Sth Coast/Southern Table LandsA Grade Polocrosse and represented at Zone level 1991 & 1992.
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